Anna Mistal presents No.223@GrandAmour, a Photo Exhibition featuring a new body of work by prominent Chinese artist Lin Zhipeng aka No.223. His first solo exhibition outside a white box gallery, a collaboration with Andre Saraiva and Amour Hotels. A site-specific project, Mistal showcases images that Lin shot early October, 2018 inside Hotel Grand Amour, a chic, flamboyant and artsy hotel housed in a Pre-Haussmannian building Located in the eclectic and off-beat 10th arrondissement in Paris.



Lin Zhipheng aka 223 is a significant and prominent Chinese photographer of this last decade, a true artist of the ‘young generation’ that is revered through Social Media and other online platforms. From his early blog North Latitude 23 that generated millions of viewers and followers Lin discovers the perfect platform to share and communicate his Art, a spontaneous documentation, a photographic diary that is not so private of his own life experiences, sexuality, youth, everyday life, moments with friends, love and lovers captured within his corky spirit and playful imagination, fun, carefree, scandalous yet sometimes vulnerable and melancholy but always poetic. Lin’s works also display his own sentiments on having alternative free spirit and lifestyle despite the limitations of very traditionally conservative cultures like China.

Since 2005, Lin has countless solo and group exhibitions all over the world mostly in Asia and Europe and mostly sold out self published and commercially published books. Lin continues to evolve as an artist and still dominates different social media platforms like Weibo, Instagram and facebook with his work.

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Anna Mistal is the creative energy behind this alternative art exhibition. A Filipino Marketing and Advertising business major, Mistal ends up pursuing her passion for Fashion, Arts and Design in New York. Arriving in the late 90’s she immediately becomes a freelance Fashion Stylist assisting on the sets of Richard Avedon, Arthur Elgort and Mark Seliger before moving into Print Advertising and TV Commercials with multiple acclaimed directors. Working hard and making enough money from Fashion Styling she enrolls herself at Parsons School of Design for a second degree in Interior Design.

20 years of solid background in fashion, design and the contemporary arts, Mistal is now compelled to move on to bigger creative missions, where she intends to utilise all her skills, great eye, impeccable taste and adventurous spirit to curate and produce alternative art shows outside conventional galleries.

Being a successful New Yorker, Mistal makes everything possible, learning that surrounding herself with the best creative people and artists from around the world is key to activating exciting, significant and successful art shows and projects. 

Her initial elicit and now infamous Instagram called Masterprovocateur was taken down in late 2016 for it’s postings of almost uncensored nude selfies she had taken for a ‘french lover’, a long distance love affair that ended but lead her to an in depth discovery and appreciation of her own femininity and the power of sexuality and sensuality. She resurfaces on Instagram as Anna Mistal #masterprovocateur and continues to promote power in sensuality and sexuality, challenging viewers on pure self expression and self empowerment.

No.223 @Grand Amour. A ‘ménage à trois” between Lin Zhipeng, André Saraiva and Anna Mistal

It’s through Instagram that Mistal discovers more about Lin and his work. After following Lin for quite sometime she sends him a message and the resulting conversations lead to a new found friendship and eventually the idea of collaboration and curation of these 30 site specific new works at Hotel Grand Amour that she had solely conceptualized and produced. Mistal’s first encounter of fellow New Yorker, renowned and celebrated grafitti artist and hotelier Andre Saraiva is through The Selby, when his home in Hotel Amour was featured years ago. Mistal had a glipmse of Saraiva’s taste in art, an image of a nude Asian girl in bed with his MR.A face drawn on her bare skin, his own Herman Makkink famous rocking machine penis sculpture and wide collection of sexy and kinky art.. Mistal knew in her heart that Lin’s art will show well at Amour Hotels that feature the vibes and spirit of part owner Andre Saraiva, she knew that Saraiva would love Lin’s style of photography and that he’s a big supporter of fellow artists and always activating collaborations so Mistal showed him Lin’s work he loved it! They both agreed on Hotel Grand Amour and he gets on board on this exciting special project.

Lin’s art photography has always been invigorating, touching but never dramatic, simply of pure and raw emotions. Identified by penetrating flash and a lot of nudity that exposes his subject’s empowering presence despite vulnerability. He never plans his shoots, always impromptu and spontaneous. For his shooting at Grand Amour he simply requested for fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, floral fabrics, live birds and some fun props he can play with and incorporate in his frames as he shoots his unexpecting naked subjects against the colorful, vibrant and beautiful rooms of the hotel. All trademarks of his image. He spent some time to just chill and chat with each Asian talent that gladly showed up for his shoot. Just like hanging out with real friends, he was able to make that instant connection which made them relax and comfortable for his lens.


The results?

A successful and well received Paris Photo Exhibition in Nov, 2018 with 30 stunning works! Fun, sexy, playful and poetic. Seemingly private moments of ‘hotel guests’ as they inhabit this temporal space of fantasy called Hotel Grand Amour.